Issue 52 of The Steeple
Dear Church Family: I am delighted to share about the year 2015. We started with 381 professing members and ended with 386 for a 1% increase. The families that joined us last year have been very involved in the life and ministry of our church. We look forward to additional families being a part of our church family this coming year. Our Financial Report 2015: Annual Budget for last year was       $207,026.00             $3,981.27 @ Sunday Total Tithes and Offerings were... more
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God has really blessed us this year with an amazing staff. October 2014 was a bad month as we had to dismiss our secretary/pianist/organist/choir director – yes one person who wore many hats. The remaining months of last year saw us hiring a secretary, music director, pianist, and an organist. All of these persons have brought back the spirit of worship and a great work ethic. It has been a positive transition that introduced an environment of praise and worship. I really do enjoy being the pastor of a great staff and congregation. We have seen the addition of our Hispanic Ministry that... more
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It is hard to imagine that year 2015 is almost over and we have one month to finalize our December programs.  The Home Tours, Hanging of the Greens and our 175th Anniversary Service require a lot of time and effort on all of us.  The first thing we can all do is pray that God’s blessing will pour out on all the events.  Our prayer will be one of thanksgiving for the ministry that has occurred in our church and community these 175+ years.    There are many stories that come from our heritage as Methodists in Harrodsburg, Kentucky.  It is our desire to share a tim... more
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The Walk for Alzheimer’s occurred Saturday, September 26, 2015 downtown Lexington.  We had a great group of young men and women to participate in the walk.  There were fourteen of us who walked the mile in a light drizzle but a good time was had by all.  Thanks to everyone who contributed to a little over $3,000.    Yesterday afternoon there was a knock at our parsonage door and Sue greeted a young man by the name of Jerome Beers.  I asked Jerome to join me in my office so I could get to know him a little better and to see if he was legitimate in his request. Je... more
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